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Cornice Frame Kit



The Quick, Easy & Economical Way to
Get the Custom Fabric Covered Cornice
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Kits fit ANY Window Treatment.  Kit Lengths from 18 inches to 192 inches and Clearance from the Wall from 3 to 9 inches.

Add the Decorator Touch to Verticals, Blinds,
or any Window Covering in Just One Afternoon.

Save Up to 70% By Doing-It-Yourself

Only $4.95  Shipping Any Size Order*

Add the
Decorator Touch!

Only $4.95 Shipping Any Size Order*

Here is What Our Customer's Are Saying!

Hi Cathy,
I finished my cornices (all 5 of them) & LOVE them!  If I can do it (76 years old) then anyone can.  My husband, Gary, helped me with the installation (he's 77).  I thought that while Gary & I would hold each end, we might need a third person to mark the wall for installing the brackets for the longest cornice (113 inches).  However, the 2 of us were able to hold & mark without additional help, since the cornice is, as advertised, very light-weight.  My kids & grandkids were pretty amazed, & my daughter-in-law took pictures of them & said she planned to purchase some for her home remodeling project.  She has a decorator helping her, but I told her it would be "a piece of cake" for her to do it herself.  Thanks for your invention!......and prompt delivery.  They are so easy to make, following the instructions that accompany them, as well as the website video!

Regards, Ila & Gary, Mesa, AZ


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D-I-Y Cornice Frame Kit

The aim of every Do-It-Yourself Decorator is to end up with a project that goes together simply and looks like it has been produced by a professional.

Achieve Professional Results
Heavy Weight Problem of the Wood Frame Cornice Solved!
Most Clearance from the Wall...and it's Variable!
Quick, Simple and Direct to Assemble and Cover
Fabric Friendly

Achieve Professional Results

Sadly, the foam, cardboard or composition kits do not produce professional results. The profile and finish of these kits does not match the profile and finish of a professionally built cornice...an immediate give-away that this is a homemade project. This is not true in the case of the D-I-Y Cornice Frame Kit.

The D-I-Y Kit provides that professional look because it is made from laminated wood that has the strength, profile, and finish of the material used by the professionals.

The D-I-Y Cornice Kits are the only kits that provide for a completely finished back. Since the back of the cornice is visible to you and your guests we feel this is important for the overall professional results of the project.

Heavy Weight Problem of the Wood Frame Cornice Solved!

Both homemade and professional wood cornice frames can weight well over 60 pounds. The D-I-Y Cornice has solved this problem.

The unique patented design of the D-I-Y Cornice Frame is based on a tongue and groove ladder frame construction. This makes the frame very strong, solidly rigid and very light. A 96 inch finished covered cornice frame weights under 20 pounds. This makes for a cornice that is easy to hang on the wall and does not create a safety problem.

The use of laminated wood ensures that the frame will last for years and will not warp, twist, snag or disintegrate over time like other materials can. The robust construction allows you the freedom to remove, re-cover, and re-hang the cornice many times easily and quickly.  Check-out the Hanging The Cornice section of the website for more information.

Clearance from the Wall...and it's Variable!

The D-I-Y Cornice Frame provides the most clearance from the wall of any kit we have seen. A full 5 3/4 inches is provided after the cornice is covered. This clearance means your cornice can top any window treatment, from a full drapery to wood shutters, or 3 1/2 verticals. Plus, a simple cut with a wood saw can shorten this clearance from 5 3/4 inches to as little as 3 inches (useful in topping window treatments that are hung inside the frame).  But if 5 3/4 inches is just not enough, the D-I-Y Cornice Frame Kit offers the option of purchasing Ends that provide a total of 9 inches clearance from the wall.  Just select this option on the ordering page.

Quick, Simple and Direct to Assemble and Cover

The frame design makes the D-I-Y Cornice Frame Kit easy and quick to assemble by ANYONE no matter what the skill level. In just one short afternoon with the use of common tools you can have a cornice frame sized, assembled and covered!  Covering the Cornice is accomplished with a simple wrap method that provides a completely covered front and back for that professional look.
Check-out the Covering & Assembly section of the website for more information.


Along with professional results and ease of assembly, most Do-It-Yourself Decorators are looking for economy. Here the D-I-Y-Cornice Frame Kit shines. An eight foot cornice frame ready to accept batting and fabric costs only $9.22 per foot. Professional built Cornice Board Frames cost on average $25.00 per foot.

Fabric Friendly

The design of the kit also makes maximum use of the materials available with minimum waste. The 12 inch high cornice was purposely chosen because it takes 27 inches of fabric to wrap & cover the front and back.

Since most Home Decorator fabric comes in 54 inch width and most patterns repeat every 27 inches (whether you split the fabric down the middle or put together repeating panels), there is no waste. A 4 foot long cornice can take as little as 1 1/2 yards of fabric to completely cover it. Even the longest kits only require 2 1/2 yards. The same economies are also available in the 7 inch high Cornice Frame Kit.  Check-out the Fabric Tips section of the website for more information.

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